Smart Audio Sunglasses(2nd Gen): ACE Round Square Frame - Nylon Lens - Dark Gray

– ACE Round Square frame
– Nylon Dark Gray Lens
– Matt black audio temples

2nd Gen Wireless Open Ear Speaker Magnetic Quick-Release Modular Design with Bluetooth Connectivity / HI-FI Stereo Sound / Bluetooth audio call / Voice control / IP67 Waterproof and dustproof

Auto Power Up, Sync Music/Navigation/Calls, and Engage Virtual Assistant (iOS 14, Android 10, or above).


Product Details:





Now, you can invest in just one pair of smart audio temples and match it with different frames per your needs. Less money, more choices.

Magnetic Release Design

Embedded with advanced AAC audio speakers and our body induction sensor system in the temples, these glasses can do –  Auto Power Up, Sync Music/Navigation/Calls, and Engage Virtual Assistant (iOS 14, Android 10, or above).

They are ergonomically built with IP67 Water Resistance, and lenses that are Anti-fouling and Impact-, Scratch-, and Shatter-resistant.


Our exclusive audio algorithm, combined with a unique soundproof cavity, significantly reduces sound leakage, producing a pure and authentic audio experience that gets you immersed while staying aware of your surroundings.

Open Ear Audio




Empowered with sensitive body induction, the eyewear offers an intuitive and seamless experience. Put on the glasses and it automatically powers up and connects.

Activating your phone’s virtual assistant takes just a few temple taps. With WGP’s built-in MEMS microphones, you can interact directly with your phone. Set up and hear navigation or make calls on the go

Voice Assistant

  • Note: iOS 14, Android 10, or above required.

We’ve set aside a Game Mode with an ultra-low latency down to 50ms-60ms. Untether your gaming experience now, while a pair of bluelight blocking glasses protect your eyes from harmful screen light.

Ultra-Low Audio Latency for Gamers


With advanced Bluetooth 5.0, our eyewear ensures a reliable audio communication range up to 33 feet. Whether you’re in the office or in the field, WGP glasses let you enjoy all the fun and flexibility in audio seamlessly.

33 Feet communication range


Ergonomically designed with IP67 water resistance, WGP glasses are made durable and comfortable to wear.

Our sport frame uses TAC polarized lenses to give you a superior visual experience and the best eye protection. It comes along with an anti-drop strap that lets you worry less about the eyewear and focus more on conditions around you.

Each standard package comes with 2 pairs of speaker pads for more comfortable wearing and private listening. These are made especially for those occasions where even a tiny sound seems louder than usual. It could be in a lift or on a very quiet night.

Speaker Pads for private listening



Tested 120 hours (5 days) for standby, 2 hours for a full charge, and 7 hours runtime for continuous music playing; we’ve got you covered for all-day use. The specially designed magnetic ports on the temples allow fast and easy charging with no hassles.


We collaborate with top designers and manufacturers to introduce stylish frames and quality lenses that make you not only look good but also feel good.





Our ultimate goal is to offer a whole line of lens & frame combinations that meet your everyday needs, from sunglasses, anti-Bluelight, sport, to Plano glasses in 9 simple styles. In the future, we will also have our prescription glasses in place to provide comprehensive audio & visual solutions for everyone.




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